Environmental Stewardship

Shingle brick road

The shingle brick was developed by Falcon Green Resources to create a new end market for asphalt roofing shingles. The blocks are 100% recycled content, made from manufactures defect shingles. The shingles are heated, mixed, and formed to create a block with excellent strength and crack resistance. During the research and development phase, we created blocks and recorded the variables like temperatures, time mixed, release agent used and, time spent in form. We learned to manipulate the variables to achieve an extraordinarily strong product with an attractive look.

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Made with roughly 250 shingle bricks, some weighing 75+ pounds, the shingle brick road is an impressive sight. It is available to view at our Washington street office in Woodstock. While you are at our office stop in For info on our other products like Dumpster services and Junk Removal service.

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