Benefits of Shingle Recycling

Benefits of shingle recycling

When it is time to replace worn-out asphalt shingle roof, request the shingles be recycled by Falcon Green Resources. We are the first shingle recycler in Illinois since 1999, giving us the experience to produce superior end-market type 1 and type 2 R.A.S. “recycled asphalt shingles.” We are proud of the developments we have made in the industry and the proven system we have developed.

Hot mix plants need a lab-tested, consistent material month after month. Our track record and lab testing history are proof of our consistency and available for viewing upon request. With over 20 years of asphalt shingle recycling experience, you can trust Falcon to recycle your shingles. Replacing your roof or replacing your driveway, suggest falcon for your project.

Recycling asphalt roofing shingles is beneficial to all parties involved in the process. Using the sales pitch of being “green” can often put your bid in a better position than the competition for the roofing contractor. As a result, people are often willing to spend more money on eco-friendly options.

  • saves landfill space
  • conserves a natural resource, “Asphalt.”
  • more affordable than other dumpsites
  • adds to available aggregates existing in the local market.
  • replaces virgin sand, “a strip-mined material” as an ingredient in hot mix.
  • nails are recovered and recycled as scrap steel.

Shingle brick road

The shingle brick was developed by Falcon Green Resources to create a new end market for asphalt roofing shingles. The blocks are 100% recycled content, made from manufactures defect shingles. The shingles are heated, mixed, and formed to create a block with excellent strength and crack resistance. During the research and development phase, we created blocks and recorded the variables like temperatures, time mixed, release agent used and, time spent in form. We learned to manipulate the variables to achieve an extraordinarily strong product with an attractive look.
Made with roughly 250 shingle bricks, some weighing 75+ pounds, the shingle brick road is an impressive sight. It is available to view at our Washington street office in Woodstock. While you are at our office stop in For info on our other products like Dumpster services and Junk Removal service

Falcon Green Resources has produced over 350,000 tons ground shingles for use in Hot mix asphalt. We are helping reduce crude oil extraction and saving the space in our landfills. The positive impact that shingle recycling has on our environment is obvious. Hot mix asphalt producers have a great opportunity to “go green” by adding Recycled asphalt shingles to their mix design.
11 million tons of shingles are disposed of annually, filling up valuable landfill space. Ask your hot mix producer if they offer a eco-friendly option, made with recycled asphalt shingles.

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