Shingle Recycling

Falcon Green Resources has produced over 350,000 tons ground shingles for use in Hot mix asphalt. We are helping reduce crude oil extraction and saving the space in our landfills. The positive impact that shingle recycling has on our environment is obvious. Hot mix asphalt producers have a great opportunity to “go green” by adding Recycled asphalt shingles to their mix design.

Benefits of using R.A.S. in hot mix asphalt:

  • replaces virgin asphalt
  • Adds fiber, increasing strength
  • Adds high-quality trap rock, improving skid resistance
  • Ras is not a hazardous material and does not require special regulations, unlike hot liquid asphalt
  • A dry form of asphalt more affordable to store and stockpile.
  • Government incentives lower the cost even further.
  • Using eco-friendly products is good for public relations.

11 million tons of shingles are disposed of annually, filling up valuable landfill space. Ask your hot mix producer if they offer an eco-friendly option, made with recycled asphalt shingles.
We can supply the dumpster for your tear-off shingles, or you can bring them to one of are drop-off facilities. We can place multiple dumpsters onsite for bigger jobs. Our shingle recycling dumpsters come with 10 tons included with the price. Price matching is available.

Dumpster sizes available for shingle recycling:

  • 10-yard dumpster (up to 35 square) 10 ton included
  • 20-yard dumpster (up to 75 square) 10 ton included

Drop-off locations

  • East Dundee- in the Beverly gravel pit. enter at the intersection of Illinois route 72 and commonwealth dr.
  • Bartlett Illinois. – 2200 Graham Street in Bartlett Il.
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