Recycled Products

We have developed many products to re-use and preserve our natural resources. Being Illinois First shingle recycler, we have “Paved the way” for the use of shingles in hot mix asphalt. Paving blocks, Dust suppression and road base material made with 100% recycled content are some other products we have developed.

Recycled products available for delivery or pick-up include:

  • type 1 and type 2 R.A.S. (Recycled Asphalt Shingles)
  • Bitmax dust suppression and road base material
  • Mulch,( colored and natural)
  • crushed concrete (base stone and gravel)
  • cardboard boxes
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Dumpster service from falcon comes with a  commitment to recycle as much material as possible.    All dumpster loads are evaluated by our drivers, then brought to a recycling facility or waste transfer station.  Shingles become new roads, discarded lumber becomes mulch, metals recycled, Drywall is used in soil amendment, Plastics recycled, and old broken concrete is crushed into new usable aggregates.  Order a dumpster today and be assured, your construction and demolition waste are responsibly recycled or reused.  Developing new end markerts for recyclables is a main goal of Falcon Green Resources.

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