Construction and Demolition

When it comes to a timely and reliable Dumpster service for your Job site, Falcon Green Resources has what you need. We can provide L.E.E.D. Certified disposal showing the percentage of recycled materials in each load. Our dumpsters may be Purple, but they are also green; by diverting all acceptable loads to a construction and demolition site, Falcon helps keep your carbon footprint small.

Landfill space is a diminishing resource, and we do our part to ensure our resources are not being wasted. For example, wood gets turned into mulch, Plastics become new lumber, metals become new automobiles, drywall is used as a soil conditioner, old concrete becomes new base stone, asphalt shingles become new pavement, just a few examples of conserving our natural resources.

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We can provide round-robin service with multiple trucks to assure your demolition site stays productive. 10 or 20 dumpsters in a day is no problem, with a little advanced notice. Our hook lift trucks are more efficient at the job site, allowing you to be more productive. All our trucks are heavy duty and capable of hauling ten plus tons per load. Dumpsite documentation will be provided quickly to our contractors to keep all parties involved in the project informed and happy.

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